Avatars of Nograd – Volunteering opportunity in Hungary

01.04–30.09.2014 – Avatars of Nograd (Hungary)

“Avatars of Nograd – Professional skills to increase quality, impact and recognition of rural youth work” is a project funded by Youth in Action Programme.

The project is submitted by Egyesek Youth Association in September 2013.
It came into existence during the EVS service of one of our volunteers and youth workers – Tihomir Georgiev.
It became obvious for both Egyesek and Tihomir that a natural continuity of his EVS would be a chance for him to go on the road from experienced volunteer until hi-profile, 21th century skilled professional.
That would Tihomir’s next step in his personal and professional development.

Egyesek trusts and provides Tihomir with the responsibility to lead, coordinate, create content, apply new methods in the after-school club in the villages in Nograd where he and a team of EVS volunteers will prepare playful, action based, English speaking learning sessions to Roma and non Roma youth.

Tihomir supported by Egyesek will support local youth to transform their passion into a way to make a living.

All learned and experience Tihomir will transfer into the activities of his sending organisation AIESEC and also on local level in Bulgaria.

Project details: YiA, Action 4.3c Youth workers’ mobility
Duration: 6 months
Placement: Creative Space training centre, Holloko, Nograd
Host: Egyesek Youth Association
Sending org.: AIESEC Bulgaria

Funded by European Commission Youth in Action Programme.


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