Fusion for Creativity: Advanced dance training – Training course in Hungary (Jul 2015)

21-29.07.2015 – Fusion for Creativity: Advanced dance training (Hungary)

Nowadays we are all self-employed – whether we like this term or not. 25 – 30% of young people are unemployed, the number is growing, and even more of us are „hidden unemployed”: work as freelancers, jumping between project-based, part-time, temporary jobs. However, we must recognize that the age of classic employment is over. The project-based, temporary character is becoming dominant in each sector, let it be formal, non-formal or business, in education and all other expertise areas. These forms of work are becoming more and more widespread in NGOs, education, small business, social enterprise and start-ups.

The challenge for youth work is double:
Are we as youth workers, non-formal educators, equipped with tools and methods with which we can prepare and support youngsters to face this new and strongly growing character of the labour market?
Are we as young people ourselves, owning the skills and attitudes to live and work in and with this environment?
This is a brand new training, developed on request of people who did so called „synergy dance trainings” with us before, wanting to continue dance and self-discovery. Among each other we call it “the advanced dance training”.

The training is for people who did at least 1 dance training with us before, committed to develop themselves further dance, entrepreneurship and working with people.

3-4 support team places are available for people good at working with videos.
The main theme is personal entrepreneurship. We use methods and techniques from contemporary dance, improvisation,individual coaching, performance, video to explore and reject on participants’ relation to entrepreneurship, creative individual and small-team work, and to train specific skills and attitude needed in the 21st century for a person who takes responsibility to create their own living.


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