Step by Step – Volunteering opportunity in the Netherlands

29.06–26.08.2015 – Step by Step (the Netherlands)

Synergy Olde Vechte Foundation organizes for 8th time a two months project (GroupEVS) and we can host up to 30 people – from 29th of June till 26th of August 2015 in Ommen, the Netherlands.

During this residency these people are supporting organizations in and around Ommen in an active and practical way on their daily activities. In this way you get to know the Dutch culture in an active way. Besides the daily support to the Dutch organizations there also the international experience of living together with 30 people from 12-15 different countries.

This program is open for people from all EU countries (or European countries who do not need visa) from 18 (some exceptions can be from 16) up to 30 years.

This program is financed by the Erasmusplus-NL and is focused on people that encounter Social, Physical or Mental obstacles in order to fully participate in their society.

If you have people from your surrounding that they can be benefited from this program feel free to communicate it with them and bring us in contact with them.

More information about the project:
Application form

Watch a video about this program:


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