Synergy Bulgaria is a youth organization registered in 2013.
We are friends, volunteers, youth workers and trainers bound up with a common interest of sharing our personal and professional experience with exploring active young people in the area of non-formal education. Each one of us also has a different world view and that enriches our points of views, approaches, ideas and strategies. What unites us in our diversity is a common vision of a world that can work for everyone out of love, care and cooperation (when the whole is more than the sum of its parts).

Goals of Synergy Bulgaria:

– to popularize non-formal education and volunteering as a strong platform for personal and professional realization and as an alternative of unemployment
– to encourage informal communication and social contacts between people from different ages in social, educational and business environment
– to propagate the ideas of lifelong learning and development of new competences (values, skills, knowledge) among people from different generations

We achieve our goals by:

– organizing and implementing public events, regional and international conferences, trainings, seminars and workshops
– interlacement of diversity of methods in our activities in order to develop competences like: entrepreneurship and creativity, emotional intelligence, social inclusion, accountability, tolerance, empowerment, active participation, solidarity
– creating learning environment by receiving, sending and coordinating youth, volunteers and youth workers to trainings and exchanges within project of our own or our partners’
– maintaining and expanding a contact network of people with common learning interests, needs and values
– provision of quality mentorship and coaching for our target group and everyone who has a need and desire to explore their own learning and working styles

Target group of Synergy Bulgaria:

Our efforts are directed mainly to youth and adults, who strive for personal and professional growth and are ready to experiment while learning

– active youth and volunteers
– disadvantaged young people and those with fewer opportunities
– trainers, teachers, social and youth workers, youth leaders, mentors, coaches working with youth

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