Practicing Coaching – Training course in Bulgaria

21-26.10.2014 – Practicing coaching (Bulgaria)

When: 21-26 October, 2014
Where: Dolni Lozen, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Practicing Coaching Training is about finding your own personal coaching style and using this knowledge to empower growth in yourself and others. It’s about using all that you have got  to coach through mind, body and heart and with that we mean to use the full potential of us as human beings, in order to create and facilitate lasting change.

It’s a 6 day training course for people who are new with coaching, as well for people who already have some experience. The training is particularly valuable for people working with people as youth workers, leaders, trainers and managers.

The purpose of the training is to provide an opportunity for you to learn how to work out of your own qualities and how to improve and implement your already existing knowledge. You will be able to identify your own style of coaching, develop it and promote it. The training deals with one main question: How to take the step from being able to and knowing, to wanting, daring and doing? More precisely, the training is done in such a way that there is step-by-step learning and enough practice for you to assimilate both input and techniques, so that you feel comfortable to use them without the fear of making mistakes. The desired outcome is, in short, that you become able to use the techniques as if they are your own tools and, from that point on, using them in an intuitive and creative manner.

The Method and Philosophy

We believe that every human being has an outstanding capacity to grow and thrive. Our role as coaches is just to support others towards removing the obstacles stopping them
The Practicing Coaching training offers a unique learning approach that reaches out to the participants through a wide range of coaching methods and techniques through learning by doing or learning by experiencing.
The training is a complete coaching session that lasts for 6 days, where you have the opportunity to be coached on getting what you want, while coaching others towards their own desires and needs. The training is introducing a variety of approaches and methods of coaching. The skills and knowledge offered in the training are put into action through intense practice using real-life examples, introduction and reflection videos and live demonstration, self- and one-on–one coaching and coaching small teams and groups.

What we mean by mind, body and heart:

The mind is logic, our language and our interpretation of the world. What we focus on and why. Our beliefs and explanation of the world. Our Body is the shortest way to our emotion. The body language (how we stand, where we are looking, what our posture is are all affected by what we think and how we feel in the moment, This link is two-way: if we change our body language and physiology, we can affect how feel and what we focus on in the moment. As coaches, we should be able to spot the right moments to act using both of these domains. The third component is the heart. Not the physical one but the metaphorical one: our care, love and connection with the coach. Even with all the knowledge in the world, if you don’t have true interest, care and love for your coach, nothing will work out. As a coach you should learn to nourish your interest and love for the people you want to support.


As part of the Synergy Group, we want to keep the expenses for participants as low as possible, so everyone can participate. We realize that still for many individuals the travel and participation fee can be an investment.
We invite you to be creative about it. More specifically, there are all kinds of cheap ways to travel, if you spend some time to look for it or ask someone to support you in it. Sharing with people the fact that you are looking for cheap ways of travelling to Bulgaria is, mostly, very effective. Also, asking and sharing about the participation fee is a very effective way of getting support. If you think this training is for you, do not let the money be an obstacle to give yourself this experience.
Participation fee: 440 €
Participants that have done a Synergy Training – 10% discount: 396 €
Students 20% discount 350 €
Participants are taking care of their own travel expenses.
Hosting, catering and training expenses are arranged by the Synergy Bulgaria.

We require a 100 € deposit to Synergy Bulgaria account to reserve your place in the training.
The bank accounts details you receive with the confirmation later that follows you registration.
The rest can be done in two ways:
– By bank transfer before the training starts (keep in mind that sometimes it takes a few days for the many to be transferred, if it is an international payment);
– In cash during the registration at the accommodation before the start of the training.

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