Synergy Coach: Applied – Training course in Bulgaria

04-12.07.2015 – Synergy Coach: Applied (Bulgaria)

4-12 July 2015 Ravnogor, Bulgaria

Eligible countries: Bulgaria, Netherlands, Greece, Czech Rep., Spain, Romania, Latvia, Croatia, Cyprus and Italy.

Synergy Coach – Applied training is an individual self-coaching training that happens in a group setting. During the training you have the opportunity to acquire tools that you can reintegrate in your personal and professional life.

The training is individual-based, given within a diverse group. In this way you work for yourself with other people around and with you. In the training with your self-coaching process you deal with vital questions such as: What are your dreams and goals? How do you create connections? How do you deal with unexpected situations? How do you build up relationships? How do you approach and communicate with other people? How do you deal with diverse group of people around you?

The training is there to give a frame for your own self-coaching process by using methods that follow the natural human behavior, which work in the same way like learning to walk, taste and feel. We call it learning by experience. The exercises, called processes, will be done alternately alone, in pairs or in group. By giving tools that provide insights, the trainer will prepare the ground. One process may involve talking, while in another you will be listening or visualizing certain thoughts with your eyes closed. Exercises will be provided in combination with music, dance or play. There are indoor and outdoor processes. All processes will contain an element of surprise, the exact nature of which is not known upfront. Questions will thus be prompted that can be answered by the participant alone, namely by experiencing his or her own reactions.

The training is open for those who want to develop themselves, grow in their profession, improve quality in personal life, actively learn about themselves with a group of other people and through that to develop socially and individually. The group represents a wide spectrum of society – participants come from different backgrounds such as entrepreneurs, organization members, social and youth workers, NGO managers, volunteers, students, parents etc.


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